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Alexander’s Custom Tailor in Chicago is where discerning men and woman go for bespoke suits, custom suits and tailoring services, including the finest in made to measure suits and ready to wear clothing. Custom suits Chicago. 

Alexander’s is more than a boutique – it’s an experience.  Choose from hundreds of fabrics and materials with a highly trained image consultant to create a look that is exclusively you.

chicago custom suits

Experience Custom Suits Chicago: The finest custom suits in Chicago!

Bespoke chicago

chicago custom suits

For the real connoisseur, the choice of a hand-crafted suit is the ultimate in custom apparel. Our custom suits are cut and tailored especially for you using more than 30 precise measurements.

Alexander’s Custom Clothiers has become a staple for authentic menswear, bespoke garments, and old world tailoring. Garnering national recognition while staying true to our goal of delivering exceptional products with unparalleled service, Alexander’s is truly a destination for any style minded individual. 

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Let’s be honest, every man needs at least one custom suit and dress shirt in their closet.  At the bare minimum, you need a custom suit to wear for special occasions, important meetings or when you simply want to look your best.

Of course, for most business professionals, it is important to have a litany of custom suits to make sure you’re able to send a favorable message to clients and colleagues in the office.  For men in need of a top-notch tailor and men’s fashion expert, there is no better choice than Alexander’s Custom Clothiers.

Stop by the shop to have Alexander take the time to properly measure you and help you determine the perfect look and style for your needs and budget.  Alexander and his team will make you feel as comfortable as can be, and they will take the time to answer your questions and have your suit fit impeccably, from top to bottom.

If you’re looking for custom suits and tailored shirts in Northville, Michigan or the surrounding areas, then please contact Alexander’s Custom Clothiers today.


“The guy looking after you, is looking after you. And that’s what it’s all about. You want to be looked after, you want to make sure your clothes fit, and you want to look good.

I wear my stuff on the bench and I want to buy good stuff but I also dont want to pay more than I have to.”

- Mike Babcock, NHL Head Coach


bespoke clothing in chicago

From our custom to our bespoke lines, we offer an option for every client. Not only will our custom suits give you the professional look you are trying to achieve, they will empower your image by taking your look to the next level.

As the workplace begins to move toward a business casual feel, we provide our clients with the look to stay current but professional. Maintain a more casual appearance while still emitting a powerful image.

“FYI when you see some the suits of our local news, sports celebs on TV and wonder where they go.. This is the place.”
Jay D, Google Review

The finest custom suits Houston. 


Custom Tailoring

Our expert tailoring ensures a perfect fit. Alexander has experience in the custom business that makes him second to none. With the familiarity of the workshop and knowledge on fabrics, Alexander understands how to make the fabric work best for the client.

His fabric manipulation techniques, ability to create one of a kind designs, and his attention to detail truly show through in the pieces he creates.

“I have actually known Alex for over 10 years. I have never been his "Red Wings" level client, but he has always treated me as if I were his most important customer.”
Dan Ellis, Google Review
How it works
Our consultation process allows us to better understand your lifestyle and use for custom clothing. We work with the finest fabrics, an assortment of customizable style options, and bring some of our own expertise into the mix. Through listening and discussing, we work to find your best custom fit in each and every aspect of the clothing you create
The fitting process requires a variety of precise measurements to ensure a one-of-a-kind truly custom fit. Whether we are fitting you for a custom suit, multiple custom shirts or even a pair of custom slacks, each element is closely examined and recorded. From the shape of your shoulders to the length of your pants, we combine your dimensions with our attention to detail to deliver a fit that feels natural and looks incredible.

custom suits chicago

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