Few things are more comfortable than a pair of custom jeans that fit just right.  When they’re too snug or baggy, or are too long or short, it’s near impossible to feel comfortable and confident in them.


Fortunately, Alexander’s Custom Clothiers is here to help.  Alexander and his team offer custom jeans tailoring at their high quality clothing store in Northville, MI, and they can help clients with an array of fashion styles find the right look for personality and personal fashion sense.  Included in their jeans inventory are reputable brands such as Agave, Seven and Joe’s, among many other options.


Whether you’re shopping for tasteful new jeans or you want some of your favorite or most expensive pairs tailored to stop your dimensions, stop by or contact Alexander’s Custom Clothiers today.

SEMI-CASUAL – Enhance your casual attire by choosing from our wide selection of Casual Pants, Shirts, Sweaters & Jackets to compliment your daily wardrobe needs.

JEANS – The best tailored, most beautiful and highest quality denim blue jeans. Authentically sewn and hand finished in California. They are only distributed to the finest men’s shops and denim boutiques worldwide.

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