Made To Measure

Alexanders offers exceptional MTM (made to measure) suits. Because suits are structured and are made of high quality materials, it takes a person with a real talent to aptly tailor a suit to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.  It’s a simple fact that all tailors are not created equal, and it takes experience and certain skills to tailor suits.  A proficient tailor can not only make your suit fit better, it can also make a suit look better.


Alexander’s Custom Clothier is renowned for being the preeminent tailor in the Detroit, MI area.  Alexander, the owner of the shop is the latest member of a lineage that has over 80 years’ experience in the men’s fashion and tailoring industry, ensuring he can aptly tailor suits of any kind.


Whether you’re looking for a MTM suit, custom alterations or professional suit tailoring, Alexander’s is your primary destination.

Different than a Bespoke, this affordable choice allows you to select your own jacket and pant combinations. Giving you the choice of different pre-tailored styles and a wide-range of fabrics. With hundreds of swatches to choose from and many different styles, making your own suit has never been easier or more affordable.

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