Tailored shirts are among the most versatile articles of clothing in a man’s closet, as they can be worn to a wide range of professional and casual events.


Alexander’s Custom Clothiers offers bespoke tailored shirts in Detroit, MI.  As corporate image consultants, they help you select work attire that will be a cut above the rest of your colleagues, or they will help you find dress shirts that fit perfectly for specials occasions.


Alexander’s Custom Clothiers goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable from the time you step foot in the door to when it’s time to actually wear your tailored dress shirt to work or to an event.


Additionally, they have the accessories and other suit pieces to complete your fashionable look.


For more information, please visit their consultation page or stop by their shop at your convenience.

Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and colors. Alexander’s carries brand name dress shirts and we will also provide you with custom sizes..

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